How To Store A Classic Car During Winter


Owning a classic car can be a proud feeling. No matter what the vehicle, be it a vintage Aston Martin, a rare Chevy, or an original Bentley, it is important to pay careful attention to how it is stored. If you are planning to keep your pride and joy safely locked away in a garage during the winter months, you must take steps to ensure that come the spring the engine and other components are still in good working order. Leaving a vehicle sitting unused can be as damaging as driving it recklessly. The tips outlined below should help ensure that your classic car does not suffer any ill effect if left not driven for a number of months. A basic understanding of the correct storage techniques can keep the engine, chassis, and body in perfect condition. Today your car may have a perfect finish, but if you were not to give the paintwork a thorough cleaning and waxing before storage it may not look so great when you next take it out on the road. Make the effort to remove dirt, this includes mud splashes, dead bugs, and so on. Before locking the vehicle up for the winter, make sure you have emptied from inside any items that do not need to remain. Even a misplaced ballpoint pen can be a problem if it was to freeze it may leak ink over the interior. You should only leave the most essential items in the car when it is not in use. Did you know that if you were to leave your classic with a tank full of gasoline this can damage the fuel system? To help prevent this problem from developing, you should add a fuel stabilizer into the tank and allow the engine to run for five minutes to mix in the agent. It would also be of value to have a full tank of fuel as if there was too much empty space this can result in the air condensing internally leading to rust. If you live in a region where the ambient outdoor temperature fluctuates, this can cause your car’s bodywork to appear as if it is sweating. What this actually is is moisture condensing on the paintwork. This best way to prevent this problem from blemishing the paneling is to compare and choose from a selection of car covers. You should also park the vehicle on top of rubber matting to prevent moisture from evaporating from the garage floor causing a problem.

How To Protect Your Car From Environmental Factors

Different covers are used to protect cars from the effects of the sun, acid rain, bird droppings, and animals. They also safeguard vehicles against airborne dirt, ultraviolet radiation, and eyes of thieves. They can also be used inside garages to protect cars from rodents. A cover should be used properly because it can cause damage to the car. It should be the right size to fit the vehicle well. A loose cover may cause scratching to the paint when it is flapped by the wind. You should order a cover that is made for your vehicle specifically. Quality covers have a system for locking them to the bottom of the vehicle to ensure they are tight. The vehicle should also be clean. There are three types of covers. These are waterproof, non-water resistant and water resistant. Each one of these types has its own pros and cons. A cover that is waterproof will keep raindrops away from your car because it is made of a fabric that is coated with plastic. The disadvantage is that the condensation trapped between the vehicle and the cover attacks the paint. The moisture can be devastating especially during winter. To avoid this you can use a soft cloth on the surface of the vehicle and then the plastic cover on top. The cloth will absorb any moisture while the cover provides a tougher layer for protection against other effects. The water-resistant cover comes in many variations of fabrics and weight. This cover is designed to allow air to pass through it but repel water particles and thus prevent condensation. Most covers of this kind are resistant to mildew and they can withstand degradation by sunlight because they have ultraviolet screens in their mesh. If you plan on parking your vehicle outdoors for long this is the best choice. A non-water resistant cover is usually made from pure cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester. Cotton is more preferable because polyester fibers can scratch the paint. A cover made of 100% cotton is gentle on paint and for indoor use, it is the best choice. It should not be used outside for long because it lets water through.

Car covers are easy to take care of. They should be cleaned occasionally according to the instructions provided with them. Most of them may be washed by using a washing machine and a detergent that is mild. Fabric softener should not be used. They should also be dried well according to the instructions from the manufacturer. Car covers – why? I can tell you, not only are they a wise investment for your car but they serve equally well for any vehicle. Whether you wish to protect your car, truck, SUV, boat, snowmobile, jet ski, limousine or RV there is a cover available in today’s market. Why they make sense. Sun, dirt, bird droppings and sap are all enemies to your vehicle. Snow and ice can make for a long morning cleaning your vehicle before work or play. The harmful UV rays of the sun can really take a toll on your vehicle’s finish, fading that shine prematurely. The interior can also suffer, fading the upholstery and drying out the dashboard which can lead to cracks. Covering your vehicle can also hide valuable stereo components leaving less to tempt would-be thieves. Dirt and dust can scratch the surface, even the finest dust can cause damage. Bird droppings can be difficult to remove and also can harm the finish if left unattended. Sap can also be difficult to remove and can also harm the finish. Snow and ice can be a real pain to remove. If you do not have a garage, you need to allow extra time just to leave. Removing snow and scraping ice can be a headache. If your vehicle were covered, there would be no scraping required. Just peel off the cover, shake it off and you are on your way. Even if you have a garage it can help to cover your vehicle, especially if it is not used all that often. Dust buildup can still happen and carelessness as well. Taking out the garbage, kids being kids, working in the garage. All can lead to dings and scratches.

There are numerous covers to choose from these days. There are inexpensive one layer covers, perfect for the garage scenario. There are top of the line four layer fleece lined covers and everything in between. The environment where you live and or park your vehicle will determine the best cover for your car, truck, SUV, limousine, boat or another vehicle. One layer disposable covers are great for short term use such as parking at the airport for a week or so or storing your vehicle for a short time. The two-layer economy covers are great for indoor long-term use or short-term outdoor use. Most two layer covers are water repellent as well as breathable. Three-layer covers are waterproof, UV resistant and most are mildew resistant as well. Then there is the ultimate four layer, fleece lined cover. UV treated, waterproof and especially nice to your finish with the fleece lining. These are top of the line when it comes to protecting your ride. When you are ready to purchase your cover. Shop online, you’ll have more to choose from and most likely a better price. There are many websites to choose from today so be sure to shop around for the best deal. Many sites offer free shipping but don’t be fooled, be sure to check out there return policy and warranty.

The whys and how of covering your vehicle cannot be more important in today’s economy. You must protect your investment. Why let Mother Nature have her way with your hard earned money? Cover your vehicle today. People invest a lot of money and time to acquire assets. The items acquired after a long struggle should be protected from external factors that might cause damages to them. Many asset owners do not take enough time to select a suitable auto wrapper to use in guarding their precious assets against bad weather conditions. It is common to find beautiful vehicle covers so worn out that they should be disposed of. Items used in protecting the vehicle or other assets have evolved technologically making them amazing ways of vehicle protection. There are many brands available in the market which the buyer can select from. Brands should not be a determining factor in making the final choice. The main motivation should be the kind of protection needed for the vehicle. Modern protection for vehicles has been made with features intended to suit a wide cross-section of consumer interests. When shopping for the proper item to protect your asset with, there are various factors you need to consider before making a choice. These considerations will help you to make the best choice in your case. The first consideration should be to know what you are protecting the vehicle from. Different auto owners will have their own reasons for seeking protection. Weather conditions are not the same in various places. Some people will be seeking protection from the sun, snow, rain, sleet or dead leaves from trees. Whatever the cause for the need for protection is, having the right item for the purpose is important. You can be able to get protection for both out and indoor conditions. These protection items are designed to withstand the effects of weather conditions prevailing to keep the vehicle in the best possible condition.

Protection for outdoors should allow the exchange of air to avoid air being trapped under the cover. Accumulated moisture and the direct rays of the sun are damaging to the vehicle paint. Ultra-violet rays of the sun have the effect of making the paint of the auto to fade and lose its luster. Even the people who keep their assets indoors do need the waterproof outdoor chevrolet car cover as well. Protection designed for indoors has various features distinct from those for the outside. People who make use of internal garages are mainly concerned with dust and objects dropping on their assets. Most internal garages are used for other purpose making it possible to cause harm to an unprotected vehicle.

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